Let me show you Iceland

The idea of starting this company has been germinating in my mind for many years. In all my years of working for huge travel companies, tycoons of this industry like the two huge and very prestigious Cruise lines, big diving companies in Mexico or many big Icelandic travel companies, I asked myself if tourism has to look like this, where is the adventure and discovering new places in all this.

My great passion for travel did not allow me to continue my work in this profit-only and spoiled tourism industry, offering questionable services to unsuspecting tourists.

I set myself the goal of creating tailor-made amazing tours that I myself would like to go on. Tours that my clients will remember for the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for a trip that you can do on the cheap, ticking off only the most popular sites, traveling with dozens of strangers in a bus packed to the last seat, I recommend booking a trip with one of the many large Icelandic tour companies.

However, if you love travel and adventure as much as I do, leave a message and I’ll make your vacation unforgettable.

When I’m not busy creating amazing memories,
I take the time to go on expeditions and explore new options to keep my trips fresh, interesting and relevant – meaning that returning clients will discover something new each time they travel with me. See what I offer and get in touch if you’d like to explore Iceland with me. I look forward to showing you the world as I see it.

Come let me show you Iceland.